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Affliction warlock dot macro tbc

Affliction is the least gear dependent of all warlock specs. You get 10% hit for your affliction spells from talents. However you still need to get a good amount of hit as shadow bolt is not affected by that talent. Affliction can do very good damage early on if played well, the skill cap for an affliction lock is significantly higher than other specs.

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Super easy to just tab 111 tab 111 tab 111, the macro will reset if you change targets or cast another spell, once corruption is spread onto everything with seed you can just do tab 11 tab 11 tab 11. (minus the dot at the start of the # and a new line after the end of the word "agony" (the first use)) 11. level 1. Re: Warlock Macro for DoTs best macro for lock's in battlegrounds is DEFINITLY the following: /AFK (it casts all dots instantly, go try it now!!!) for arenas /leave arena# (same effect as the other + 500 spell dmg, try it now too!!!) I'm usually at the other end of that fireball you just got in your face ;-) Reply With Quote 2007-09-07, 01:13 PM #9.

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Though, I wouldn't mind any affliction macros that made life easier. I'm sure we all know how tedious it is to keep all those DoT's up at once, but with the changes made way back in 2.0, I can't think of any way to make a truly useful one. It's funny, pre-2.0 you could probably make a macro that would cast all the spells you need, without ever.

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2020. 10. 16. · Affliction Warlock in Shadowlands is a relatively similar spec from what we played in BfA, and a quite different experience from Legion, if you dabbled in Affliction back then. 불안정한 고통 is no longer our Soul Shard spender, returning to its pre-Legion days of being just a DoT that you keep on your focus target at all times.

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best gems for affliction warlock tbc. Сияющий огненный опал - Предмет - TBC Classic Spell cloth gonna be pretty much P1 gold, Shadoweave will last you much later if youre afflic, as dots cant crit, and theres no meta gem on SF. Welcome to my TBC Classic Phase 2 Warlock Gearing Guide.Here I'm going to show you the best Gems, Consumables, Tier 5 gear,.

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